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Music Library Association Best Practices for Music Cataloging Using RDA and MARC 21 for Chapter 25: Related Works
MLA BP for 25.0
MLA recommendation: Generally follow for musical works. Optionally, give access points for three or more related works (in the categories given) if deemed useful for identification or access.
MLA BP for 25.1
MLA recommendation: Follow . In bibliographic records for compilations, give access points for all works/expressions contained in the resource if feasible.1 If giving access points for some but not all works/expressions, give preference to those that are prominently named and/or form a substantial part of the resource.
For other types of related works, generally give access points in the following common situations, if feasible and readily ascertainable:
Literary or artistic work that formed the inspiration for a musical work (see 25.0)
Musical work upon which a derivative musical work is based (e.g., a work used as the basis for a set of variations)
Alternatively, give structured or unstructured descriptions instead of, or in addition to the access point(s).2
245 04The lark ascending / $c Butterworth, Delius, Elgar, Vaughan Williams, Walton, Warlock.
700 12$i Container of (work): $a Vaughan Williams, Ralph, $d 1872-1958. $t Lark ascending.
Audio recording containing 19 works; access point given for only the most prominently named work.
100 1_Carpenter, John Alden, $d 1876-1951, $e composer.
245 14The birthday of the infanta
500 __Inspired by Oscar Wilde's The birthday of the Infanta.
700 1_$i Based on (work): $a Wilde, Oscar, $d 1854-1900. $t Birthday of the Infanta.
100 1_Corner, Philip, $e composer.
245 10Petite fantasie "Les barricades mysteriusies" de Francios Couperin (already a revelation) : $b piano, conceivably organ / $c Philip Corner.
246 3_$i Title should read: $a Petite fantaisie "Les barricades mystérieuses" de François Couperin (already a revelation)
500 __An indeterminate work based on music of Couperin.
700 1_$i Based on (work): $a Couperin, François, $d 1668-1733. $t Pièces de clavecin, $n 2e livre. $n No 6, $p Baricades mystérieuses.
It has historically not been regarded as feasible to follow this practice for genres outside of Western art music
This guideline generally pertains to bibliographic records; however, these methods may also be employed in authority records for works
MLA BP for
MLA recommendation: Follow .