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Music Library Association Best Practices for Music Cataloging Using RDA and MARC21 for Chapter 1: General Guidelines on Recording Attributes of Manifestations and Items
MLA BP for 1.4
MLA recommendation: Follow . If feasible, follow LC-PCC PS also for the first alternative (LC and/or PCC practices, as applicable) and the optional addition, that is, transcribe both the original script and a transliterated form for the elements listed. Otherwise, transcribe only the transliterated form.
MLA BP for 1.5
MLA recommendation: For large multi-volume sets and series of notated music (i.e., those that are typically classed in M2-M3.1), generally create separate descriptions for the set/series as a whole and for each volume in the series, regardless of whether the set is classed together or not.
Relate separately cataloged volumes to the main work following the guidelines in Chapter 25 (Related Works).
MLA BP for 1.5.2
MLA recommendation: Follow .
MLA BP for 1.5.3
MLA recommendation: Follow .
MLA BP for 1.5.4
MLA recommendation: Generally follow , except when applying the recommendation given under 1.5.
MLA BP for 1.7.1
MLA recommendation: Follow , including for both alternatives, that is, for each separate element, either “take what you see” from the resource or apply Appendix A, per local policy and/or cataloger’s judgment.
When in doubt, leave a space between a caption (e.g., “op.”) and an opus or thematic index number.
MLA BP for 1.7.5
MLA recommendation: Follow . When typographical devices used as separators are ignored in accordance with 1.7.5, it may be necessary to add punctuation for clarity in accordance with 1.7.3.
264 _1Colchester, Essex, England : $b Chandos
Typographical devices are used as separators in the place of publication on the source of information. These are ignored; commas are added for clarity.
When symbols that cannot be reproduced are replaced with a description of the symbol in accordance with 1.7.5, it may be necessary to supplement this with additional access points, such as variant titles taken from any source in accordance with 2.3.6.
245 10[Four symbols] / $c Led Zeppelin.
246 1_$i Also known as: $a Zoso
246 1_$i Also known as: $a Led Zeppelin IV
246 1_$i Also known as: $a Untitled
The title on the source of information consists of four symbols that cannot be reproduced. This album is known by many names, including Four symbols, but more commonly Led Zeppelin IV.
MLA BP for 1.8.2
MLA recommendation: Follow for 1st alternative.
Note: this may result in a different form of numeral in a series transcription (490) and its corresponding access point (8xx).
490 1_AIMP ; $v CIII
830 _0Archives internationales de musique populaire (Series) ; $v 103.
490 1_ Documenta musicologica. Zweite Reihe, Handschriften-Faksimiles ; $v Band XLIII
830 _0Documenta musicologica. $n 2. Reihe, $p Handschriften-Faksimiles ; $v 43.
MLA BP for 1.10.2
MLA recommendation: Follow for both alternatives.